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Why Visio Wealth Partners

Hear what Rick Hellberg, founder of Peter Alexander, has to say about Visio Wealth Partners.

Hear what Michael D. Hartzell, VP of Financial Planning for Retirement Planning Services, Inc., has to say about Visio Wealth Partners.

Hear what Robert E. Fish, CEO & Principal of Strategic Wealth Management Advisors, LLC, has to say about Visio Wealth Partners.

What Our Advisor Partners Are Saying

Auto, home, liability, and business insurance are an often-overlooked area of financial planning. Improper planning, missed coverages, or under insurance can have devastating effects on wealth accumulation and financial planning. Coverages should be reviewed as part of an overall financial plan to ensure proper risk management is in place. By including these coverages as part of the financial planning process, it ensures that coverages will be reviewed by a professional on a regular basis. Here at Visio Wealth, we are assisting our clients in doing a complete risk management review as a value we are able to provide as a partner. RPS is proud to have a partnership with Visio Wealth.

Bill Fortin

Strategic Partnerships, Retirement Planning Services, Inc.

Dave LaBricciosa and Visio Wealth have developed a true independent model for financial advisors that allow them to bring quality strategies and provide additional ALPHA to deserving clients.

Robert E. Fish

CEO & Principal, Strategic Wealth Management Advisors

Partnering with Visio Wealth has exceeded all expectations that we had prior to coming aboard. The access to robust product solutions, advanced case design, product / industry expertise has allowed us to grow faster than we ever imagined and serve our clients in a more comprehensive manner. It was the best decision we’ve ever made for our business and our clients!

Jeff Judge, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

Managing Partner, Chesapeake Financial Planners

Dave and Visio Wealth have gone above and beyond our expectations for strategic partnerships and mutual business growth. Their knowledge and experience are unparalleled. We’ve received dedication and support which makes us feel like part of a family, a rarity in our industry. This is the kind of relationship we have hoped for but thought we may never actually find.

Ed Dahling

President, Omnia Benefit Partners

We highly recommend checking out Visio Wealth — they are an invaluable resource in getting independent practices to the next level. We consider Visio Welath to be one of our closest strategic partnerships.

Paul Friedman

Partner / Financial Planner, Straightforward Financial

Williams Insurance Agency has partnered with Visio Wealth over the years to assist our clients with advanced planning options such as succession planning, buy-sell agreements, business valuations, and much more. Visio Wealth brings great resources to the table in the form of attorneys and CPAs with extensive experience in these disciplines to assist your current advisors and ensure proper planning. Visio is a strategic partner to Williams and has helped many of our clients with their risk management needs.

Michael Buchler

EB/LADL Manager, Williams Insurance Agency

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