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We’re thrilled to share another strategic partnership: American Retirement Systems. ARS was started by Kevin Wingert to provide honest solutions to retirement professionals and their clients with straightforward product training and explanations.

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It is with great excitement that we are announcing

Our new strategic partnership with Three Points Insurance Design!

Founded by Seth Wasserman, Three Points Insurance Design is an independent, carrier agnostic firm providing insurance Case Design, Analytics, and Product Analysis.

Have You Heard?

Kaufman Financial Services is now a part of the Visio Wealth Partners organization!

This strategic partnership significantly increases our ability to serve Advisors in the area of Insurance Brokerage. As a Delaware domiciled life and health insurance Master General Agency with licenses to conduct business in 45 states domestically, as well as license to conduct business internationally, this partnership allows us to provide extensive support and resources to advisors and their clients.

Larry Kaufman:

“If you’re going to do anything—do it right! Gather all the facts, even those you think you don’t need, be thorough—the client will know it and will trust your recommendations.”

As a Full Service Brokerage Agency, Our IMO Platform is Unlike Any Other.

With over 50+ carriers, both nationally & internationally, Visio Insurance Partners provides access to product line experts for life, health, disability, and other insurance & risk management options. Not to mention, we use a top-of-the-line management system and technologies that help make doing business easier for everyone.

Better Case Design to Build Your Business, Your Way

Too often case design is the weak link in a producer’s ability to consider a lucrative opportunity that has a restrictive fact pattern. The producer needs to produce, and centralized case design resources are often inexperienced, not very creative, or hemmed-in by company policy.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Three Points Insurance Design, advisors and their teams who work with Visio have a solid resource for exceptional case design.

The Right Product For Your Client

Request an illustration from one of our experts to ensure you are finding the best possible protections for all of your clients’ needs.

Annuity Solutions For You & Your Clients

Kevin Wingert

Founder of American Retirement Systems

Visio’s strategic partnership with American Retirement Systems allows us to provide an extensive array of insurance products and options, especially within the realm of annuities.

Their goal aligns with ours: to build relationships and businesses with professionals who believe in honesty, integrity, and service for their clients.

ARS offers honest solutions to retirement professionals and their clients with straightforward product training and explanations. Kevin Wingert started American Retirement Systems in 2009 and has built a team who have become one of the industry leading companies for advisors.

In the fall of 1995 Kevin Wingert was approached by Dave Noble about starting a new life insurance company based out of West Des Moines, IA called American Equity. In 2001 he was named President of American Equity Life Insurance and served on the board of directors for both the life insurance company and the holding company that went public in 2004. At American Equity, the vision was simple. People. Service. Future. It was that vision that moved him to see opportunity, not security, and became an American Entrepreneur in 2009 when he started American Retirement Systems. Since then, American Retirement Systems has been one of the industry leading marketing companies for advisors around the company.

K.C. Wingert has well over 10 years of experience starting at ARS back in 2011. A graduate from The American College of Financial Services, K.C. received his RICP designation and now he helps advisors and clients create and execute a comprehensive retirement strategy from the ground up. As a retirement income certified professional, K.C. is able to use current market conditions to skillfully craft a plan for advisors and clients to succeed.


Zach Brehmer has been with American Retirement Systems since 2016. Before that, he served in a role with the home office of one of the largest Fixed-Indexed Annuity carriers in the country. At ARS, Zach works hand in hand with Advisors developing marketing strategies to effectively increase production and drive sales. Along with that, he designs retirement plans for advisors using the top products on today’s market.


Shelly Bitz came to ARS in 2011 with an extensive background in the annuity and life insurance industry. In her current position, Shelly is responsible for all external communications with advisors and clients. Her familiarity with the insurance companies is vital to keeping the agents on track to successfully increasing their production.


ARS is contracted with 50+ insurance companies who Visio advisors are now able to have direct access with these products and options:

• American Equity
• Athene
• EquiTrust
• Fidelity & Guaranty Life
• North American

• Americo
• Athene
• EquiTrust
• F&G
• Liberty Bankers Life
• Sentinel

• American Equity
• American National
• Liberty Bankers Life

Case Design to Build Your Business Your Way

Seth Wasserman

Founder of Three Points Insurance Design

At Visio Wealth Partners, we are constantly looking to connect with the right strategic partners to provide the absolute best resources for our advisors and teams. This is why we’re so excited to introduce our new strategic partner: Three Points Insurance Design! Advisors and their teams who work with Visio have a solid resource for exceptional case design.

Three Points Insurance Design’s specialty is designing customized and innovative insurance-based solutions for the client’s fact pattern and their specific goals, and creating a comprehensive, yet easily understood client-facing presentation for use by you, the advisor.

Here’s what you can expect for each proposal:

  1. CASE PREP: Examination of each aspect of the fact pattern as the case is prepared for the initial market run & analysis.
  2. CASE DESIGN: After preparation and initial market run, each product and carrier will be further analyzed in order to deliver the results for the perfect case model.
  3. CUSTOM ANALYTICS: Create custom analytics after the market run and complete design to prepare for client presentation.
  4. CASE REVIEW: The process in which policies are enforced and ensure are on target so as to meet or exceed the projections year after year.

The crisp analytics, custom-prepared client presentations, and rapid turnaround time provided by Three Points Insurance Design allow Visio’s insurance & financial advisors to be more responsive to their clients, achieve better closing results, and have more time to sell!

Visio Insurance Partners/Kaufman Financial Services (KFS) is an insurance marketing organization committed to helping our clients’ business succeed. We accomplish this by providing financial advisors and agencies with the best resources in the industry.

Our advisors choose to partner with us because our independent platform allows us to offer a wide range of products and services, including the best retirement planning strategies, charitable guidance, pension services, and any other tool you need to offer a custom financial plan. Not to mention competitive compensation options for you, the advisor.

The Visio/KFS team is driven by our commitment to clients and advisors. Our independence allows us to put client interests first while helping your business achieve prosperity. We offer unbiased guidance to our advisors on which services and strategies will work best for their clients.

At Visio Insurance Partners/KFS, we are passionate about providing unparalleled support to our advisors, so they can better serve their clients. Through extensive knowledge and understanding of products offered in the financial services industry, we help guide advisors to quality strategies that work to fit the custom needs of their clients. Our team understands that financial planning is not one-size-fits-all. We are not required to sell specific products, which means we truly deliver the services that best fit our clients needs, not anyone else’s.

Disability insurance aims to protect income if your client becomes too sick or injured to work. Rather than tapping into their retirement savings to cover income gaps, individual disability benefits can help pay for mortgage, rent, health insurance premiums, groceries, and other ongoing living expenses for your clients and their families. Your clients’ income is their most valuable asset, which means this coverage is one of the most important components of a strong financial plan.

Types of Disability Insurance Provided Include:

  • Group
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Multi-Life
  • Individual

The vision of Visio Wealth Partners is to provide the utmost support to advisors and their clients by providing the robust product solutions and industry expertise needed to build a thriving business. We are able to remain true to both ourselves, and our advisors and clients, by providing honest guidance to the wide variety of strategies and tools we offer. We help advisors expand their practice through a proven, modern approach to business development and coaching.

Our team is passionate about partnering with advisors to help them build a practice they are proud of. We are driven by our core values; integrity, family, commitment, and trust. Our dedication to these values not only allows us to build long-lasting relationships with clients, but gives us an opportunity to empower our advisors to achieve financial success.



Long Term Care Insurance will provide your client with coverage when they need it most. In the event of chronic illness, cognitive impairment, serious injury, or other life-changing health issue, it can protect your clients’ assets and provide benefits for nursing home care, adult day care, assisted living, or in-home care services.


Critical Illness and Accident Plans provide clients with an extra layer of protection from high medical costs as a result of accidents or illnesses. The benefits work to fill the financial gap by paying out a lump sum for a variety of different medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, stroke, or cancer. This type of unique coverage can be a great option for clients who do not qualify for Disability Insurance, or it can be used in conjunction with Disability Insurance to ensure your clients are protected in any unfortunate circumstance.


Chronic condition or illness, as stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is when you require medical care on an ongoing basis that limits the normal activities of daily life and has an impact on your quality of life. Finding the right kind of insurance plans is key in these situations. There are several different options so be sure to review all with your clients based on their immediate and future needs.

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At Visio Wealth Partners, we believe in providing advisors with flexibility and choices above all else. That is why we provide our advisors with access to leading insurance carriers covering life, disability, long-term care, fixed annuities, and various other sectors of financial planning.

By contracting with us, you are setting your practice up for success. Our superior technology platform, on-going business development support, innovative marketing strategies, competitive compensation and access to vast products are just a few reasons why advisors choose to partner with us.

A partnership with Visio Wealth Partners means maintaining your independence while receiving the resources and mentoring you need, all while earning top commissions. Contact our team today if you are ready to start making a positive influence in the lives of your clients.


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