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Strategies & Resources to Grow Your Financial Practice

Advisory Development

Manage and develop your practice efficiently and effectively by connecting with any of our partners listed below. They will help you scale your business so you can achieve all of your business goals.

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Manage and develop your practice efficiently and effectively by connecting with any of our partners listed below. They will help you scale your business so you can achieve all of your business goals.

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Continuing Education

Complete all of your necessary continuing education requirements with Visio! We’ll provide you access to classes, exam prep, state requirement breakdown and more!

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Advisory Development Partners

If you are a successful financial advisor, but something is keeping you from reaching the next level, we have the steps and strategies you need to ensure growth and long-term success.

Our team of advisory development partners will with you to take your practice to the next level in every facet of operations from processes and procedures to maximizing your technology.

We’ll help you spend more of your time on the functions and clients that are most productive, and guide you on business development and marketing to tell your story to the people who should hear it.

All of this happens with specific, measurable and actionable advice… small steps that never lose sight of the big picture and hold you accountable for working on your business and not just in your business.

You know where you want to go. We’ll show you how to get there.

Here’s How Visio Will Help You Develop Your Practice

First, we’ll identify areas of focus, remove blockages, and help you create new opportunities for your practice or business.

Then we’ll develop a plan that includes a combination of repeatable processes, active engagement, and team-wide organization & motivation for maximum efficiency.

Throughout the process, we’ll provide accountability and feedback, so that you stay on track.

Running your financial firm like a business and not a brokerage firm”

What Does That Look Like?

  • Leadership/Structure (Personnel)
  • Recurring Revenue vs. Commission or Transactional Revenue
  • Repeatable Client Service Models
  • Marketing- Voice for your company
  • Efficiencies in Process & Technology
  • Business Development Strategy
    • Organic (Niche)
    • Acquisition
Specialized Resources

Meet Our Advisory Development Partners

Specialized Resources

Erik Sauer

Executive Coach

Director of Practice Management, Visio

Erik has 25+ years of experience with financial services and 20+ years of experience working as executive coach for financial professionals. He has worked with large wirehouse companies, independent registered investment advisor. Erik is the founder of On3 Strategies, an executive coaching and consulting company. On3 uniquely couples strategic coaching methodologies, practice management solutions, practice acquisition strategy, marketing tactics, business management and leadership solutions for independent financial planning practices or RIA.

As part of our advisor development facet, he will help us to work with you in taking your practice to the next level in every facet of operations: from processes and procedures to maximizing your technology.

Phone: 410-336-4719

Specialized Resources

Robert Kaplan

Executive Coach

Robert Kaplan has been described by many as a creative and highly motivated Executive and Individual Coach with strengths and an extensive background in executive training and practice building.

Bob is a Co-Founder of the Creative Financial Group in 1979. He was a driving force behind Creative’s growth from four founders to over 300 employees; making Creative one of the largest financial organizations in the Delaware Valley.  Bob is a 20-year personal and executive coach and consultant, helping advisors build their businesses and carve out their respective niches. Team coaching is an area in which Bob works heavily; he helps promote collaborative interaction toward shared goals.

Bob has an extensive background in insurance and estate conservation strategies, client building and service, high level sales processes, team structuring, mentoring, target marketing, cross-selling initiatives, and field underwriting. He guides clients in business succession strategies and protections, helping them create strategies to help achieve goals.

Phone: 610-283-6910

Specialized Resources
Specialized Resources

Jaclyn Bradley

Practice Transformation Coach, MSOD

Jaclyn Bradley is one of the most recognized “Teaming Coaches” in the financial advising industry. She has coached thousands of teams of all shapes and sizes and is an authority on the unique challenges that advisors face as they scale their practices to become more profitable, self-sufficient, and enjoyable to run.

Her coaching has helped thousands of practice owners achieve breakthrough growth in their business, while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down.

Jackie holds a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics and Executive Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania. She was previously a team coach & succession planning consultant at NEF, MetLife, Mass Mutual, & Penn Mutual. She also has 13 years of field experience with the #1 NEF / MetLife Agency, has played a version of every role in a financial advisory practice, and totally gets the problems that practice owners encounter as their businesses grow.

Jackie is a self-admitted nerd who loves to read fun fiction, but also anything and everything personal development. A beach lover (recently also turned mountain lover!), her 10 year old, Hannah, keeps her young and in tune with technology. Good food and drink will always be the pathways to Jackie’s heart, and she’s an avid tennis player and beginner pickleball player.

Specialized Resources
Specialized Resources

Ben Skupp

Behavioral Coach, Financial Advisor CHFC ®

Benjamin Skupp is a geologist turned financial advisor. At the beginning of his career (20 years ago), he focused on selling large insurance premiums. This highly unstable, transactional approach caught up with him both mentally and financially. In 2012, despite having his best financial year yet, he participated in the same coaching program as Steve, where he too discovered how to restore order to his business. Today he confidently charges substantial recurring financial planning fees which make up 20% of his income with the remaining 80% of his 7-figure income coming from organic product sales. More importantly, he now feels “in control” of his business and is enjoying using his reclaimed time to coach other advisors to do the same.

As a Senior Financial Planner and practice owner of Holistic Financial Planners, Benjamin is determined to provide his clients comfort and confidence in achieving their lifetime goals through financial coaching and planning. His caring and focused approach helps him understand problems from all perspectives and find customized solutions to best serve his clients.

Ben has an array of industry licenses and has continued his commitment to the financial services industry by receiving his ChFC® from The American College, being a member of Leaders Association for the past nine years and has also been an MDRT qualifier since 2006. Ben has qualified as a Top Planner and a Leaders, Masters, or Platinum advisor each year since 2006.

When he is not guiding clients or coaching financial advisors, he can be found doing anything outdoors – but especially loves fishing, hiking, & skiing. Ben and his wife Danielle live in West Chester, PA with their three kids, and he likes to say that he gets his best coaching insights from the time he proudly dedicates to coaching his 10 year old daughter’s soccer team.

Specialized Resources
Specialized Resources

Steven M Kaplan

Behavioral Coach, Financial Advisor CHFC ®

Steve came to the financial services industry from an unusual background: tired of school, he left his pre-med degree from Penn State University behind to follow in his father’s footsteps as a financial advisor.

However, having watched his father become mentally burned out from the vicious cycle of chasing new clients as a high-achieving transactional insurance advisor, he was determined to do it differently, by focusing on gathering assets under management and building recurring income. Yet, over time their experiences resembled one another. The stress of a market downturn and the subsequent impact to income, combined with out-promising and out-delivering his competition had him on the brink of breakdown.

So in 2012, through the mentorship of a (now retired!) Top Financial Planner, he discovered how to restore order to his business, reclaim 50% of his time, and operate as an empowered owner of a 7-figure practice — confidently and genuinely charging for his time and expertise every year.

Today, Steve is a Senior Financial Planner and practice owner of Holistic Financial Planners, where he is wholly dedicated to his client’s financial success. As a coach and planner, Steven helps clients bring clarity to their current financial picture and holds them accountable for achieving their future financial goals. He ensures they are living for the present without neglecting the future while being as efficient as possible.

Steven holds an array of industry licenses and has furthered his financial services education by receiving a ChFC® designation from The American College. In addition, Steven has qualified as a Leaders, Masters, or Platinum advisor each year since 2008. Steven and his wife, Yvette, live in Paoli with their two daughters, and he is an avid golfer and movie watcher.

Specialized Resources

Specialized Services

  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • Tax Deferral Strategies
  • Charitable Planning
  • Premium Financing
  • Business Succession
  • Estate Planning
  • Key Employee Programs
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Plan Design
  • Resources to Review Legal Documents Through Our Partners
Specialized Resources

Products & Services for Individuals

  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Generational Planning
  • Life Insurance for the Healthy
  • Life Insurance for the Medically Impaired
  • Annuities for the Healthy & Medically Impaired
  • Disability Income
  • Long-Term Care
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Charitable Gifting Plans
  • Split-Dollar Arrangements
  • Life Settlements
  • Custom Designed & Manufactured Plans
Specialized Resources

Products & Services for Corporations and Small Businesses

  • Corporate Planning
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Corporate-Owned Life Insurance
  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Employee Bonus Plans
  • Section 412 (i) Pension Plans
  • Generational Transfers
  • Life Insurance for the Medically Impaired
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Charitable Split-Dollar Arrangements
  • Traditional Split-Dollar Arrangements
  • Life Settlements
  • Financed Premium Life Insurance
  • Section 79 Group Permanent Plans
Specialized Resources

Strategic Planning Processes

  • Capital Needs Analysis
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Generational Transfers of Businesses
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Phantom Stock Plans
  • Estate Planning
  • Financed Premium Life Insurance
  • Split Dollar Life Insurance
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • Life Settlements
  • Wealth Replacement Trusts
  • Special Needs Planning
  • ESOT Planning

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